Metadata File Formats

Metadata files are always pipe-delimited, and have the extension .txt


If you would like formatted text to appear in the Schema Browser, you can supply a “documentation” entry for groups and tables. The file itself can contain html text.

Please use the following extensions (to denote the format of a particular documentation file):

.html contains html-formatted documentation

.txt contains plain text-formatted documentation

If you do not wish to supply documentation for a particular row, leave that entry blank.

If you would like to include email addresses in your documentation, please format as:

<a class="is-mailable" data-person="john.smith" data-domain=""></a>

This is an anti-spam measure: rather than placing raw html (easily harvested by spambots), a javascript-enabled browser is required to decode the address.

Documentation that you will want to update frequently should be maintained by the survey teams themselves in Data Central’s Documentation portal: Document Central. Contact us to get your team set up within the system if you have not done so already.


Remember that the documentation used in the ingestion is the static, paper-like documentation, the documentation on Documentent Central is entirely separate.